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Our Initial Focus: The Issue of Homosexuality


>Homosexuality in Depth

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  • Take It to the People (TiP)
  • Warning:For illustration purposes, material containing mature language is included under this issue.  Therefore, these pages are not appropriate for children.

    Must See Pages:

    The Truth About Homosexuality and The Homosexual Agenda
    1. Listen to Mass. Depts of Education and Health Instruct Children on the  Mechanics of homosexuality. 
    2. In Their Own Words
    3. Listen to Dr. Alan Keyes speak to Vermonters about the consequences of accepting the premises put forth by homosexual activist 
    4. It's Not in Your Genes
    5. Bad For Homosexuals, Society, and Children
    6. The Declining Society: Tolerating the Intolerable
    7. Are Homosexual Civil Rights Being Denied?
    8. A Treatable Compulsive Disorder
    9. Homosexuality vs. Another Compulsive Disorder
    10. Resources For Homosexuals Seeking Reorientation Therapy
    Promotion of Homosexuality in Vermont Schools
    1. Concerned citizen reports back to Halifax School Board regarding the Eleventh Annual  Teen Leadership Conference, put on by Green Mountain Prevention Projects, and sponsored by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Vermont
    2. Are Vermont School Children Being Put Into Exploratory Mode?
    3. Statistics on Homosexuality versus Algebra Books and Tapes in the Chittenden County Public High School Libraries
    4. From GLBT to GLBTQ: The Making of a Questioning Youth
    5. Only Selective Diversity "Tolerated" at Mount Mansfield Union High School
    6. Vermont NEA President Makes Intimidating Anonymous Phone Call Regarding above Mount Mansfield Union (MMU) "piece"
    On Behalf of Gay Activists: Vermont Supreme Court Betrays the People of Vermont
    Baker  v. Vermont Supreme Court Decision

    Critiques of the decision that led to Gay Marriage, a.k.a. "Civil Unions":

    1. Vermont Court Destroys A Constitutional Principle While Creating New "Rights."
    2. Vermont Supreme Court Oversteps It's Authority
    3. The Civil Truth About Civil Unions
    4. No Winners In Baker v. Vermont Decision
    5. Vermont's Judicial Distillery
    6. More From The Five Supreme Legislators
    Other Must See Information
    1. Recommended Books on Homosexuality
    2. Recommended Books on Judicial Activism



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