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Alan Keyes Addresses Vermonters Regarding The Homosexual Agenda

On April 6, 2000, prior to the legislative votes on "Civil Unions", Ambassador Alan Keyes was invited to address Vermonters and provide his insight into the homosexual agenda.   If your computer is audio capable, then click on each of the following six audio clips, in order, to hear Dr. Keyes' speech:
  1. The Importance of Representative Government (Length 1:08)
  2. Vermont is Key to Forcing the  Homosexual Agenda on the Rest of the Nation (Length 1:54)
  3. Can Society Treat Sexual Behavior Like Race With Respect to Discrimination? (Length 4:28)
  4. What are the Consequences of Treating Sexual Behavior Like Race? (Length 10:12)
  5. The Social Implications of Destroying The Heterosexual Marriage Based Family (Length 11:07)
  6. Government Dictating the Abandonment of Religious Conscience and Beliefs (Length 11:16)

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