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The Homosexual Movement in Massachusetts Schools

On March 25, 2000 the Massachusetts Departments of Education and Health teamed up with the national gay and lesbian group GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) and conducted a conference for school children and educators.  The conference was held under the guise of tolerance and safe schools.  However, as the Parent's Rights Coalition discovered, this conference was about teaching children the unsafe mechanics of homosexuality.  Following the conference, organizers denied claims of misconduct made by the Parent's Rights Coalition.  Organizers were forced to concede the truth after the Parent's Rights Coalition made public an audio recording from the conference, which substantiated their claims.  A free copy of the Parent's Rights Coalition audio tape can be obtained from the Massachusetts News web page.  Alternatively, if your computer is audio capable, then you may listen to the following 10 audio clips, in order, to hear the entire contents of the free audio tape.

A word of caution to parents:  These audio clips contain graphic sexual language and are not appropriate for children.  Note that these clips were created for the RealPlayer program.  If after clicking on the audio clips below you determine that the RealPlayer program in not on your system, you may be able to obtain a free copy of RealPlayer Basic under the Real home page located here.

  1. Brian Camenker: Background Information on the Current State of Affairs in the Massachusetts Public Schools (Length 5:28)
  2. Scott Whiteman: Introducing the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, GLSEN (Length 4:16)
  3. Scott Whiteman: Department of Education Helping to Put Children into Sexual Exploratory Mode (Length 3:55)
  4. Scott Whiteman: Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), Coming to a School Near You (Length 2:26)
  5. Scott Whiteman: What Your Child Can Do On An All Out Sex Date (Length 4:41)
  6. Scott Whiteman: Teaching Children to Try Something Bad... TRIBADISM (Length 3:38)
  7. Scott Whiteman: Children Learn About 'Fisting' (Length 5:36)
  8. Scott Whiteman: As With Vegetables, Children Shouldn't Knock Homosexuality Until They Have Tried It (Length 8:02)
  9. Scott Whiteman: A Poem On The Real Agenda (Length 2:49)
  10. Brian Camenker: The Big Lie (Length 3:32)
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