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Vermont National Education Association  President and "The MMU Piece"

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On September 26, 2000 the president of ForTheChildrenInc., Bruce Wilder, received the following  anonymous phone message on his home answering machine: Click Here and Listen to the Anonymous Phone Message (Length: 0:45 )

Some points to note regarding this message:

  1. Caller fails to identify himself.
  2. Caller fails to leave a number or other means for Mr. Wilder to return the call
  3. The caller's primary concern is with the "MMU piece" on ForTheChildrenInc.'s web site
  4. The tone of the message is aggressive and intimidating.
  5. The message contains the following threatening language;
    • "...remove the scurrilous piece and get it off your web site, get it off now!"
    • "I will pursue this, and continue to pursue it until you will be compelled to take it off. Take off the MMU piece." 
    Note, caller leaves it up to the listener to wonder whether 'compelled' has a physical or legal   connotation.
  6. The message was left two days prior to the MMU school board session where the other members of the board and their advocates, including Angelo Dorta, VT NEA president, were to pressure the author of the 'MMU piece', Mr. Wolcott 'Tut' Parmly, into removing his letter from our web site.
  7. The caller ID revealed only a telephone number which was unrecognized by Mr. Wilder.  Upon calling the number,  Mr. Wilder was astonished to hear the answering system identify the office of the Vermont NEA in Montpelier.
Following a press release on October 3 by ForTheChildrenInc. concerning the intimidating phone call, the VT NEA Headquarters was contacted by the managing editor of The Dwinell-Sternberg Report.  Vermont NEA Communications director Laurie Huse said "I don't know a thing about it.  I can't imagine that anybody in this office would be making an anonymous phone call.  I cannot imagine who it might be."

During a second call to the VT NEA by the managing editor, Dorta admitted that he was the unidentified caller who left the September 26 message on Mr. Wilder's home answering machine.  When asked why he didn't leave his name he said "There was no need for a call back."   In response to the question of what he meant when he said Mr. Wilder would  "be compelled", Dorta said that he meant  he would "bring enough pressure to bear" on the organization to have them remove the letter.

It is interesting to note that Dorta  placed the anonymous long distance call from a telephone at the VT NEA headquarters in Montpelier  during regular business hours, and yet the Burlington Free Press reported on September 29 that Dorta "emphasized that he acted as a parent who lives in the school district and not as an official with the teachers union." 

On October 3, shortly after the Dorta's discussion with the managing editor, he placed two additional calls to Mr. Wilder. Click Here and Listen to Dorta's Follow-up Calls (Length: 2:01 )

Some points to note regarding these follow-up messages:

  1. During his earlier conversation with the managing editor,  Dorta claimed he did not leave his name because there was "no need for a call back".   Later,  in these follow-up messages,  he seems to indicate that  the principle reason for the initial call was to speak to someone about a letter he claims ForTheChildrenInc. was sending out to the community.  However,  he never mentions this "community" letter in the initial call, but rather was only concerned with getting the MMU piece off the web site "now".
  2. It seems to fly in the face of reason to think that someone would leave this kind of an anonymous message when as he said "...I did not even know who I was talking to, if indeed I had the right person."
  3. The "apology" Dorta makes is ONLY for the apparent "oversight" of not leaving his name during his initial call, not for the intimidating tone and threatening language used.  This so-called "oversight"  is not what one would expect from a president of an organization who is trying to "contact" the president of another organization. 
ForTheChildrenInc. believes that the anonymous call was intended to intimidate us into removing the MMU piece just prior to the increased publicity surrounding the September 28 school board meeting. 

Finally, why was the Vermont NEA president trying so hard to have the "MMU piece" removed from our web site?  After all, the MMU letter itself had no mention of the NEA.  Could it be that the VT NEA does not want the public to find out that indeed homosexuality is being promoted in Vermont schools?  By its actions in the MMU situation, including the anonymous phone call placed from the VT NEA headquarters, it seems like the VT NEA is implicating itself in the ongoing debate on whether or not homosexuality is being promoted in the Vermont public schools.

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