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> Are Vermont School Children Being Put Into Exploratory Mode with Homosexuality?
> Statistics on Homosexuality versus Algebra Books and Tapes in the Chittenden County Public High School Libraries
>Vermont Youths Learn More Than Tolerance
> From GLBT to GLBTQ: The Making of a Questioning Youth
> Only Selective Diversity "Tolerated" at Mount Mansfield Union High School
>Parents BEWARE: Teen "Leadership" Conference, where are they leading your child? 

Promoting Homosexuality in Vermont Schools Introduction

Homosexual activists are pushing to have equal treatment in the schools.  Teachers are being trained to incorporate "acceptance and appreciation" of homosexuality in all aspects of education.  Children, from an early age, are being indoctrinated.  This "equal treatment" of homosexual issues progresses to the point that homosexual acts are described in detail, and explained as a normal variation in human sexuality.  Gay/Straight alliances are being added to schools at a rapid rate under the guise of "tolerance and safe schools."  The net effect is to promote homosexual behavior.  These pages deal with how the homosexual movement is being advanced, under the guise of "tolerance and safety", by educators within Vermont schools.

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