Welcome to ForTheChildrenInc.

On behalf of children everywhere, welcome!  Thanks for taking the time to visit our web site to educate yourself on important issues that affect children.

ForTheChildrenInc., based in Underhill Vermont, is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating public officials and voters so that both groups will have the knowledge required for creating public policy in favor of children.

The progression of society is moving starkly against proven traditional values, which predate the very constitutions that were put in place for their preservation.  Special interest groups are cleverly, and deceptively, using the courts and public schools to further their cause at the expense of children.  This web site will reveal the deceptive tactics used by these groups, and demonstrate their harmful effects on children and society.

ForTheChildrenInc. does not advocate bigotry, hatred, or violence toward anyone.  Our goals include treating all persons with the respect and dignity that everyone deserves.

Because we are based in Vermont, our target audience is primarily those public officials and voters residing in Vermont.  However, others are welcome to use this site as a source of information in their efforts to safeguard children against bad public policy.

Initially, the focus of this site will be on the issue of homosexuality.   However, the plan is to add other issues of importance to children.

Again, thanks for visiting.

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