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 How you can help ForTheChildrenInc.

  • Educate others by talking to your friends and family about the important issues you find on this site.
Many special interest groups label persons who speak out against their agenda as "bigots", "hate-mongers", or worse.  This common intimidation tactic is used to keep concerned citizens silent while furthering the movement's self-serving agenda.  To stop these destructive movements, concerned citizens must speak out now because tomorrow will be too late.
  • Please send letters and/or donations of support to:
             P.O. Box 121
             Underhill, VT  05489-121
Unfortunately, due to the high cost of gathering and making information available to the public via mailings, radio, and newspaper ads, we must rely on donations from concerned citizens like yourself.   Please note that our application for tax-exempt status (501c3) is pending.  Therefore, we are unable to state that donations are deductible at this time.  This page will be updated upon receipt of our official status from the IRS.  In the mean time, we hope that you will consider donating as an investment in the future of children everywhere.
Thanks so much for your support.

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